Friday, June 29, 2012


TheFolderSpy v3

You must be familiar with TheFolderSpy, a freeware which detects changes made to a file or directory.

Announcing TheFolderSpy v3, which detects accesses to a file or directory.
Its a very powerful tool. In the tests conducted, it detected even the accesses to the Master File Table!
Its still in development but the core module is developed and functional.

If you have a particular or an interesting feature that you would want in TheFolderSpy v3, please email me!

PS: sRemote is also about to get a major update! 


TheSearchMan 2.0
During the development of TFSv3, we were also working on an update for TheSearchMan.
Here is a short 15 second video of the test GUI for the new searcher component. I must say, it surprised me :)

The specs:
scanned HDD in 2124ms
total files = 3,19,721.