Thursday, August 8, 2013


TheFolderSpy [TFS] is a program that monitors and alerts the user if files/folders are created, changed,
added or deleted within a folder.

TheFolderSpy SDK is the 19 KB implementation of the same functionality in a dll. Actually better functionality.
While TheFolderSpy is implemented as a single-threaded application, ie, all the detections are processed by a single thread, TFS SDK gives the ability to handle detections by multiple threads with all the complexities of multi-threading abstracted.

TheFolderSpy SDK runs these post-processing operations in multiple threads and uses a very robust algorithm to supress the duplicate notifications [One-Notification-Per-Detection [ONPD]] and never misses any notification. Never.

Just 4 lines of code get you started. Sweet, short and simple.
This start can take you miles! You can even make your own implementation like DropBox.

Tempted to test it?
Just wait a few seconds. Let us tell you about the stress tests.

We wanted TFS to be one of the most reliable apps out there. So we subjected an app using this SDK to a very stressing stress test in which it succeeded to detect:
1. 10,000 files created and logged in about 8.1 seconds. That’s approx. 2 files per
2. 100,000 files created and logged in about 142 seconds. That’s approx. 0.7 files per

All this was done in a 3 year old box. You can find the detailed specs and benchmarks in the Documentation pdf provided with the SDK.

Below is a C# console application using TFS SDK. Only 15 lines.

You just reference the dll, instantiate, define a callback, register for notifications & start monitoring.

Download here [PDF + Sample App + dll]

In the download, you get:
  1. The documentation pdf.
  2. A complete, working Windows Form Application in C#. [compiles & runs out of the box.]
  3. The demo class of TFS
  4. An Emailer class which lets you send email in just 2 lines of code.
The limitation of TFSDemo class: You won't be able to monitor subfolders and you can create only one instance of TFSDemo. No time barrier and no performance barrier.

We would love to hear from you. After all we develop for you. Email us or just comment below.