Friday, July 9, 2010


NetSNSOR is a internet connection checker and can execute files and/or play
WAV if internet connection not found.

1. Completely portable (no installation, run it from your pendrive!).
2. Simple to use (no need to be a geek to use it).
3. Small size (just 30kB download).
4. Pretty interface.
5. Can run in background.
6. Log is saved in logs folder with name of "date time.txt".
7. its FREE!
8. can play WAV files.
9. Run-it-and-forget-it.
10. If you want more features, just command me!
command line: /auto for auto-scanning.

You could be asking me "why should I use it?"
Consider a scenario:

You start the recent blockbuster torrent and after seeing the 200 kBps speed, you happily
engage in some other task, trying to pass the 1 hour download time.

After that 1 hour you joyfully turn your monitor on (which you turned off to save power!)
to find the movie ready but instead you find that just 5 mins after the starting of the
download, your internet connection betrayed you. You check the modem, but its running fine.
Some mysterious power disconnected your internet.

You became quite angry. The pizza and coke you ordered are useless now. Just then your cell
phone rings. Its your best friend. She asks you something and you yell at her for no
reason. And she stops talking with you.

Heres the output:
No movie to watch.
Pizza and coke: unattended at a corner of your room.
Best friend doesn't want to talk to you.
(Extreme case: Your monitor's screen has a rod through the screen.)

Why all this happened? Because of that net connection.

How to avoid this problem?

It checks for internet connection after every pre-set interval and if the connection is not
found then it alerts you by playing a WAV file or it can start you internet connection also
if you have a bacth file.

Its a run-it-and-forget-it kind of software.
It writes a log of all the activity so you know what happened at what time!

Download here (30kB)
OR from Softpedia

If you don't know how to create Batch files (they have .bat extension)
just download(0.5 kB) this.

It has a sample batch file and help on how to use it.

Heres a 2 minute simple tutorial to use NetSENSOR!


  1. Thanks for this. I was pointed to you by Life Rocks 2.0 ( )

  2. Thanks. Previously I personally wrote a java application to do stuff like this. Yours have better usability :)

  3. Thanks. My router disconnects my laptop all the time. I will execute a bat file whenever there I loose connection. The bat file will basically repair the connection. Thanks for useful software.

  4. when executed, sys error 0xC0000135 occurs. Any suggestion?

  5. This error is coming due to the absence of .net framework 2.0; if you run any OS later than XP SP2, this error should not show up (I personally ran NetSNSOR in a fresh install of XP SP2).

    however to resolve this issue you just need to download .net framework 2.0 from microsoft (25 MB)

  6. Thanks for the very quick response. And another question: I can't find the log file "date time.txt". Is it generated in any case or just if connection is not found?

  7. @anonymous
    the log file is generated inside "NetSNSOR-logs" folder, which is in the same folder as the NetSNSOR.exe.
    a sample name is: 7.12.2010 9-43-44.txt

  8. It would be VERY useful if for every "connection found!" entry in the log file it will also have the IP associated with it.

  9. I've a problem. I'm connecting to internet with a pda or with a internet key. Netsnsor tell me that there isn't an internet connection but the connection works perfectly. After 3/4 times netsnsor detect the connection and everything go fine. Is there a method to fix that? (such modify the settings).

  10. whoa!
    this thing puzzles me!

    can't you mail me some more details?

  11. Sorry if I'm gone...
    I think the problem is that sometimes the ping process request a longer timeout. It would be nice if in your program I could change the host to ping and the timeout for request. Is it possible?

  12. no more support? :(

  13. Hello VenusSoft Corp,

    This software is good , but is it posssible for you to modify the program such that it checks the internet connection in a particular time slot (say 2am to 8am as per the indian broadband night unlimitedplans)



  14. of course pinku, its possible.
    but in the next release. :)
    support will always be more and more!
    there won't be any 'no' to it...

    ya, i'll see to the hosts and include an option to manually select it.

    sorry for the delay!

  15.'s such an easy to handle software and helps a lot!!! i haven't set up the .bat file for autoconnection coz i don't get it clearly

    ''in the NetStart.bat file
    right click -> edit

    on the 5th line change the ConnectionName, username and password with
    the original ones.''

    how can i find my original connection name? and what password and username? those of the connection?

    thnxx...and a happy new year!!!

  16. the connection name is the name by which windows refers to your connection.
    the username and password are given by user ISP.

    here I am talking about a DSL connection that needs to be dialed up.

    If you have some different connection or are still unable to use it, you can always mail me and I'll be more than glad to help.
    (give your version of windows too!)

    and happy new year to you too and to all!

  17. hi bro, nice app, but i see it only works on my router, see i am using a proxy (VPN) Virtual Private Network, so i need NetSNSOR to monitore and work over this vpn prixy i am using.... any help????

  18. @Anonymous:
    i am about to add a functionality which will let you check if you are connected to a host or not...

    Just wait. This update will pack a punch!

  19. Hello! Great app, problem is Im using a huwawei usb broadband and my ISP only uses an access number to dial, no username and password. What can I do on the batch part?

  20. @Anonymous:
    Can you tell me the exact procedure you use to connect to the internet?

  21. Hello VenusSoft, I think can be very util add the possibility the start automatically NetSensor in the system tray. I would very :).

  22. Hello VenusSoft, great app. but POSSIBLE if internet is not connected then can be executed eg. exe or script???

  23. It's really an awesome application! What's good is that is free!

  24. Amazing, your program solved this extremely annoying problem! Thank you soooo much!

  25. how can execute an internet reconnect on windows xp?

  26. Could you please make a version that allows the interval to be about 5 seconds? my internet disconnects alot but it reconnects fast, sometimes if there is noise on the phone line it reconnects at a very slow speed and then my speed goes down for 3 days.

    So I need an alarm to sound within seconds of the net disconnecting..not minutes


  27. Like the previous Anon, I would need a shorter time interval, at least 20 seconds in order to have the things being 100% perfect...
    Thanks a lot in advance!

  28. can you refer an unistall procedure, since I removed this program I think I have still the process running in Windows.
    Why there isn't a proper uninstaller?

  29. ok i found thanks for your application

  30. Nice application, but i need to uninstall but there is no option. Can anyone tell me how to do that!?

    1. Since there is no install there is also no uninstall - just run or stop it.

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  34. Hello VenusSoft Corp,
    Thanks for this good little application.

    Could it be also possible to change the colour of the Icon if the connexion fail (Green OK, Red KO). Also an interval in seconds would be much better than in minutes.


  35. A friend of mine (NOT me, of course) works in a homeoffice. For some reason he needs to know when VPN-Connection to his work is lost. Unforntunately NetSNSOR thinks its disconnected when NCP VPN-Connection is running. Can he configure a specific ip or servername to be checked?

  36. Do you have any revision for this, any upgrade version? just asking. might have something to amaze us again

  37. Any updated version per say...

  38. You VenusSoft Corporation ROCK!

  39. Does this support open wifi network where I have to log in to server using the Browser?? Please help;

  40. I use RDP to access from PC-A a PC (PC-I) connected to Internet. From time to time, RDP fails. Checked all (driver updates, etc.) in PC-I, no solution. Only workaround is use use PC-I console to bring down NIC then up. Then I am able again to reach the PC-I from PC-A using RDP.
    NIC down and up can be done using in a bat
    "wmic path win32_networkadapter where NetConnectionID="NIC" call disable" (to up, change disable by enable). This needs administrative rights ...
    NetSnsor would allow me to automate that process should be able to run that bat with admin rights.

    How handles NetSnsor such needs?


    1. Found a solution. Running Netsnsor as admin does it, the called bat runs also as admin.

    2. You can also use a utility called elevate- two alternative versions:

      I used the first one successfully.

  41. keep getting a error 623
    would be help if you could clarify

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. No , it does not reconnect .All i get is this in a command promt window

    rasdial entryname [username [password|*]] [/DOMAIN:domain]
    [/PHONE:phonenumber] [/CALLBACK:callbacknumber]
    [/PHONEBOOK:phonebookfile] [/PREFIXSUFFIX]

    rasdial [entryname] /DISCONNECT


    For Online Privacy Information please refer to

    Press any key to continue . . .

    pls help

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  45. Great lightweight programm. Works like a charm.
    Thank you!

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  48. I don't know yet if it works, but it would be great to have a button or a view (textbox) to be able to see the log.