Monday, May 24, 2010

TheFolderSpy version 2- The ultimate, yet free, hard disk monitoring utility

v2.1.1.1 RELEASED!
[v2.1.2.0b: Beta: Improved resistance towards duplicate detection. Download here. ]

Ever found yourself in a position to know about a change in your hard disk?
Ever wanted to find (with proof) if your mischievous younger brother deleted your file?
Ever caught yourself wanting to spy on your friend's computer?

TheFolderSpy lets you do all these things easily.

TheFolderSpy is a folder monitoring utility.

[All the suggestions by various users included!]

-Small size (60 KB download).
-Simple to use.
-Portable (No installation, carry in your thumb drive).
-Monitor any number of folders in real-time.
-Execute a file when a change is detected(plays wav files, executes other files).
-Fully automated (Run and forget).
-Monitor many types of changes: Creation,Deletion, Attributes changes, Access date, Filesize changes etc.
-Auto start (optional).
-Can write logs.
-Monitor specific files in a folder.
-Send EMAIL when a change is detected. [custom SMTP also available!]
-And many many more...


-Just download it.
-UnRAR it in any folder. Its portable.Double click to start.
-Select Add item.
-Fill the folder you need to monitor, the file type (eg *.mp3) and the execution file that will be executed when    a change is detected. Choosing the execution file is OPTIONAL. If you select a WAV file then it is played by TheFolderSpy itself.
-Click done.
-Now in the settings window click CLOSE.
-Now click yes.

Now the changes will be detected and listed.

You will notice setts.tfs and mail.tfs files created in the folder. These are encrypted files which hold information necessary for TheFolderSpy to run.. If you move TheFolderSpy be sure to move them with you.

Heres the direct one click download link:
Download TheFolderSpy(60 KB)

Want to develop your own TFS or an even better app? get the TFS SDK!

Want new features? Email your suggestions: [venussoftcorporation] [at] []

Here's a short 1min tutorial to get you started:
(viewing in fullscreen + HD recommended)

Prankur Rusia
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  1. Nice work done men!

  2. Great program i love it.

    however it seems to run the program 4-5 times in a row

    i have script that sends me a static email when its run.
    i created a rule that says when a file gets copied into d:\test1\*.* run the script

    i get 4-5 emails from moving 1 small file into this folder.

    Any suggestions?

  3. @Mike
    thats the way how windows explorer functions.
    After a "created", "changed" detections also take place.
    This doesn't happens all the time.
    I cannot stop multiple events from firing.
    Well, of course, I can do that but that way the program suffers in many other places.

  4. @Mike
    the new version solves your problem.
    now you can set it to detect "created" type of detections.
    they are activated only once.
    however "changed" detections are activated whenever there is a change in the size of that folder.
    windows explorer writes data chunk by chunk.
    even if i write a time check the others detections will suffer.
    even so I have placed a time check of 200 ms in the new version.

  5. Dear VenusSoft
    This is a very good software and is not simply to find on the net.
    I suggest you some feature for become a perfect folder monitor.

    1) add a notify options (pop-up) when a folder change (the log must appear to advise which files is changed). Is very important to bypass screen saver when this window appear.

    2) add a time tolerance (when a file is copied always appear 2 lines "created" and "changed")(must appear only "Created"


  6. @Anonymous
    I got your point!!
    Although I have already written a time check of 200ms. I can make it longer but then it may affect the accuracy of TheFolderSpy.
    I'll again check the coding and see what I can do.

    Thanks for your suggestions!

  7. Is there a command line argument to launch the program in "background" mode? I'd like to set up your application with several users but I'd like it to be a bit transparent to them. They'll get upset over a large green window popping up and may not click the appropriate "Work in background" item.
    Also, I don’t see this feature supported and that’s OK, but I wanted to make sure that “path” could/couldn’t be passed as a command line argument to the user defined application that FolderSpy runs.

    Thank you very much. Maximum PC just referred me to you.

  8. P.S. Autostart also doesn't seem to work for me (Windows XP), but that's fine. I'd like to know if I may launch this application with any command line arguments as I'll be doing so programmatically with Java.

  9. This is a great utility. Thanks for making it free. I've been looking for a free folder monitor for quite some time now and haven't found anything else useful.
    Being able to monitor subfolders for a given folder would be a nice feature to add at some point. Also, is there anyway to disable creation of log files? If not, a command line switch for this would be appreciated as well. And I second the motion for variables that can be passed as parameters to the executed script/application.

  10. For the command line options, is there a way to export the new file created as a variable that I can pass to a script to be executed when the criteria is met? Also, I would only like to trigger when a folder is created and nothing else. Is there a way I can format the type to look at only folders? I have tried * and *., but neither of those work.

  11. wow Russ!!
    I am implementing this thing already!

  12. is it possible that an e-mail sending function is built in?
    i would love it, when a file is created i would receive an e-mail with the filename.


  13. I downloaded the program but could not run it.Each time I double click on it, I get : The application failed to initialize properly(0xc0000135). click on OK to terminate the application.
    How do I solve this

  14. @Anonymous::
    install .net framework 3.5.

    Estimated Time of Arrival?

  15. This is just what I was looking for, I was about to code my own app since nothing I found online did what I wanted to, then I ran into this app and it works great and does everything I need.


  16. Yes, when will you have the next version out.

  17. whitch framework is needed?
    crashes [1472] on windows 2003 RC2 and .NET 2.0

    design seems not to be seriously

    regards sascha

  18. same on .NET 2.0 SP2 and .NET 3.5

    regards sascha

  19. How do you disable logging?

  20. Great app!

    Can this monitor network drives or UNC paths?
    I cant seem to get it working...any suggestions?


  21. pardon me for replying late!

    @Russ: you can expect the new version quite soon!
    i really mean quite soon!

    @sascha: TFS runs on .NET 3.5 and above. And I too think I need to improve the interface.

    @al: currently no, but yes in future.

    @Anonymous: added "disable logging" in the next version.

    @Anonymous: I am currently experimenting with Networking and I'll try to include it. :)


  22. I was wondering is it possible to pass a folder to monitor thru command line? I see you have a setts.tfs file could that be written to?

  23. @knownboyofno
    we do have a setts.tfs file, but its encrypted (to ensure security) and it is strongly discouraged that you edit it.

    TheFolderSpy 2.0 is almost ready and will be released in a day or two...
    I'll include your suggestion in it.

    If you want me to mail the new version, please mail me here: venussoftcorporation[at]gmail[dot]com

  24. Thanks for the new version and all the great additions.
    Just one question. Can the variables *f, *t, *d, and so on be used in the command line argument passed to the executed file that is run when a change is detected or only in Emails? This was a feature requested by many, but I didn't see the option listed in the "read me" file. If it is possible, you might want to consider mentioning it in the "read me". If it is not, then I would appreciate this capability being added in a future version.
    Thanks and regards.

  25. @Anonymous:
    it seems i missed that point!
    I've added this capability and also mentioned it in the readme file.
    please re-download it.

  26. Thanks for the quick fix. However, it does not seem to be working correctly. I use *f as one of the arguments, but my script sees the variable as being empty.

  27. @Anonymous:
    fixed it mate!!
    it works now!
    i do have one request though.
    i'd like to know your name...

  28. It does indeed work now. Thank you very much.
    Sorry for the oversight. My name is Carlos.

  29. @Carlos:
    no sorries mate!
    I appreciate your comments!

  30. Hello again,
    There still seems to be some buggy behavior with variables. The first time a change was detected after I installed the new version, *f correctly reflected which file had been changed. However, since then every time a new change is detected, the variable continues to report that same file even if it is a different one which has actually changed. In other words, the variable seems to be stuck on that initially changed file and is not being updated to reflect the most recently changed file in the folder.
    Thanks and regards,

  31. Interesting. Upon further investigation, it seems that the variable is correctly updated on the first change which is detected after the program is initially started. Subsequent changes do not update the variable. When the program is restarted, the variable is reset as expected and then the same behavior occurs again.

  32. hi Carlos!
    yes, it was a bug. Thanks for throwing light on it.
    I've fixed it and you can get the new file here:

  33. Thanks again. It's working fine now.

  34. Hi, I use it on intranet. Can you put in customisable smtp server setting?
    Also I found out that *d with give a line feed when there a space in the link.

  35. @CHeeHooNG:
    yes i can do that...
    just give me a day...

  36. @CHeeHooNG:
    released as v2.1
    download here:

  37. I tested, and found out....
    1) Can not save the customize smtp setting.
    2) Can not send multiple email address.
    3) On customize port normally should be port 25.

  38. @CHeeHooNG:
    you can now save the SMTP settings [actually this was a bug, now fixed] and default port is 25.

  39. Z'dor

    Good program but need a function: which program made the change!!!


  40. @Z'dor

    its not possible to detect which program(s) made the change. However you can use additional tools like handle along with TheFolderSpy.

  41. hi

    is it possible to have the filename effected without the path to the file?

  42. @anonymous:
    added that feature too!
    you can use *z for filename without path...

    you download a fresh copy now from here!

  43. Hi,
    How about multiple email address?
    It's possible ??

  44. Hi,
    TFS is a great Tool. But we need also Active Directory integration to track our users.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.


  45. @CHeeHooNG:
    you can now comma separate the addresses, but they will be sent from the same SMTP server.
    can you please tell me if that ok with you?

    sounds interesting...
    lemme research for a while...
    I'll keep you posted.

  46. I wanteds this tool only to spy on read files but it's the only thing it doesnt make. If nobody change, delete or modify and only read files than no way to spy on him ?!?! :(

  47. Hi Prankur.

    Your Web site is an Eset (NOD32) List forbidden sites:

    And your twitter try to redirect to and also is blocked

    you know that?

  48. @Anonymous::
    This must be a false positive.
    I assure you and all others, that all our apps are absolutely malware-free. You can use them without any fear!

    and I updated twitter :)

    thanks for mentioning... :)

  49. Unfortunately, there are many websites which are incorrectly listed as being unsafe in such databases (IE false positives). However, I personally trust this site and their applications. I have quite a bit of technical experience and have never had any problems here. I have also been using TheFolderSpy for some time now and nothing that I have used to scan my machine has ever detected it as a threat.

  50. thanks Carlos, I hope you and others would continue trusting our apps.
    We strive for excellent performance and keeping our apps secure.

  51. I love the program, but just wanted to check I if could trigger an e-mail when a folder is created and nothing else ??.

    I've tried to enter a number of parameters in the types of files to be spied but no luck so far.

  52. hello - I just found this tool and it seems really useful. Is it possible to make a filter on which files are detected based on file sizes ? for example I want to detect files in a certain folder that are > 600 bytes and trigger an action otherwise ignore them ?
    your intro states "-Monitor many types of changes: Creation,Deletion, Attributes changes, Access date, Filesize changes etc." yet I cant see anywhere how to monitor using specific attributes other than name/type ?

  53. @Anonymous [NOV 2]:
    just put *.* in the file filter (the 2nd box, Add Item window).
    Detection types as per your requirements, ie, "Created" for new folder creation, etc.

    @Anonymous [NOV 4]:
    I am afraid you can't detect based on filesizes in this version (v2.1.0.1), but the next update will have this feature. Be assured.

    For the intro: TheFolderSpy can detect a change in the size of a particular file. If a change is detected and "Changed" detection type is selected then it will be displayed.

  54. @Anonymous [Sept 6]:
    Seems I missed your comment. :)

    I think its possible to detect that a particular file is being read, but it can't be guaranteed.
    I'll try to include this in the next update.

  55. Just a reply to your response;

    @Anonymous [NOV 2]:
    just put *.* in the file filter (the 2nd box, Add Item window).
    Detection types as per your requirements, ie, "Created" for new folder creation, etc.

    If I put in *.* in the file filter and check the created box, this works fine for new folders, but once a new file is created within that folder, it creates a new alert. This is what I've already set-up prior to my plea for help !!!. .. I'm welcome to any other suggestions you may have !!.

    Many thanks for your previous response.

    And keep up the good work !.

  56. @Anonymous:
    got your point mate and thanks to you, found a bug as well!!
    just wait 1 more day [damn these exams!].
    i'll upload the new file here, also you can mail me your email id, so you don't have to wait...


  57. Hi, Is there a way for the program to record IP addresses of the deleted files instead of the user name? Of the deleting computer. It is because all the students use the same login.

  58. @Anonymous:
    I guess you get the name of the computer in the file path.
    for ex. \\student01\D\newgame\
    here student01 is the computer in which the game was installed.
    you can use *f in emails to get the filename.

    Tell me if this is what you wanted, else we can try other methods.


  59. Hi.

    Great work!!

    Its possible the next two future features in mail option:

    - Field CCO when use the send mail option

    - When recive a mail instead of see recived TFS mail can see the name of mail sender.


  60. @Anonymous:

    will include an option to specify display name instead of TFS.

    In this version also, you can select to send mail to multiple users by separating by a comma (,).
    for example,,


  61. Thanks for you reply.

    My mistake. My English is awful and change BCC in english (Blind Carbon Copy) with CC0 in Spanish(Con Copia Oculta).

    I'd like if will possible the option BCC.

    By the other hand while testing your great tool i see that when a file arrive to directory i received two mails one of then correctly and the other with empty body. it's normal?.

    Thanks one more time.

  62. @Anonymous::
    no problem buddy!
    I will add BCC also.

    I tested with 5 email addresses, and all of them received the mails correctly.
    can you please tell me what you did exactly so that i can understand your problem?

  63. Thanks again.

    -Request 1:

    Add Field to send mail with Blind Carbon Copy option

    -Bug when a file arrive to motitoring directory:
    When a new file is create in a motitoring directory i recived two mails. One of them with all correct data but also recive an email with empty body.

    I dont known if this time explain better.

    Next time i'll do my best.

    Great work!!.

    Thanks in advance.

  64. Bug when a file arrive to motitoring directory RESOLVED:

    Is strange but when add item and configure email all works perfectly but if you edit the item then you recived 2 emails till restart TFS.

    Thanks one more time for you great work!!.

  65. Hi again

    After configure email option with subject in uppercase, restart TFS and subject is in lowercase, its normal?.

    it is possible to use the syntax (*f) in the subject?.


  66. @Anonymous:

    TFS works with only lowercase, however I'll try to make it work in both uppercase and lowercase.

    yes, I know the bug. Until you restart TFS, new email configurations will not be applied.

    currently you can't use *f in the subject.
    But I'll include this in the new version.

    Thanks for bringing these things to my notice!

  67. Hi Carlos,

    Great software. I want to use it together with unison to make a dropbox like sync.

    Since your program will detect every change (ie when I copy 100 files in a directory), I'm afraid that it will launch 100 copies of unison.

    Is there a way to collect these events for a configurable X minutes (ie "execution delay" parameter), then run the application only once?

    In such case and if I set "Execution Delay" parameter to 2 minutes, when I copy 100 files or delete 100 files, it would collect these events, wait for 2 minutes and then run Unison, which would be perfect!

  68. Hi Fastguy,

    Neat idea man!
    I'd love to implement that idea.
    an execution delay parameter sounds great, or we can also do < if changes "stop" then launch unison >.

    this is a great suggestion, but i am afraid that i won't be able to work on this for atleast a month. I've been travelling a lot and when i return to the comforts of my home in Feb, I'll start developing this right away.
    Drop me mail if you want me to mail it to you.


  69. Hi Carlos, I dropped you an email. thanks a lot & happy new year!

  70. hello Fastguy,

    happy new year to you too!

    by the way, I am not Carlos, I am Prankur.

  71. LOL yes, Prankur is most definitely the developer of this great product. Not I. I'm just a lowly user.

  72. Oh yeah, and happy new year to everyone as well.

  73. Hi there,

    TFS works with only lowercase, however I'll try to make it work in both uppercase and lowercase.

    currently you can't use *f in the subject.
    But I'll include this in the new version.

    +1 for these 2 features. especially the *f (or *z) in the subject.


  74. Hi

    on my system the option 'monitor sub-folders' does not work. TFS always watches the sub folders. The option does nothing.

    win7 sp1 x64

  75. @Carlos:
    happy new year to you and to all! (i know i am a bit late :D )


    yes, I know this bug.
    will try to remove it as fast as possible!


  76. Thanks for this software.
    1. *f parameter does not work well for filename with spaces (ie "this is the file.txt")
    2. Monitor subfolder still monitors sub-folders even if unchecked.

  77. @Anonymous:
    thanks for the bugs!!
    I didn't know about the first one...

    I'll update it as soon as I can.
    thanks again!

  78. Thanks for accomodating my request to fix the software

    1.I used *f parameter to pass the filename as argument to my batch file. My filename has spaces (ie "\\servername\reports\Report for Today.pdf"). but *f only passed "\\servername\reports\Report".

  79. @Anonymous:
    hey, its working fine on my side.
    I suggest you check your batch file. The problem could be lurking there. :)
    And tell me if its solved or not...


    1. I tested the *f parameter again...

      Windows 2003 Standard 64-bit wiht SP2
      Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 Service Pack 2
      Microsoft .NET framework 3.0 Service Pack 2
      Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

      path/folder to spy : D:\TheFolderSpy
      type of file to be spied : *.txt
      file to be executed : D:\TheFolderSpy\echo.bat
      command line parameter : *f

      copied the file "New Text Document.txt" to d:\thefolderspy

      TheFolderSpy log shows D:\TheFolderSpy\New Text Document.txt Created

      Batch file content:
      @echo on
      echo testing parameter with long filename and spaces..
      echo %~1

      result :
      D:\TheFolderSpy>echo testing parameter with long filename and spaces..
      testing parameter with long filename and spaces..
      D:\TheFolderSpy>echo D:\TheFolderSpy\New
      Press any key to continue . . .

    2. @Anonymous:

      thanks for the info!

      for this to work, the paramters that TFS is sending in the batch files must be surrounded "". for eg, <"this is a file.txt"> instead of .
      To do this, change the command line paramter from *f to "*f".

      Tell me if this solves the problem or not...


    3. Thanks very much for the info. That solves the issue.

  80. is it possible to add copy function that will copy changed file to specific location in background without stealing a focus of current window ?

    Any batch file with copy function causes black windows which appears for a while and steals focus :(

    1. @Anonymous:
      I have plans to implement "scripts", (specially designed for TheFolderSpy), which will have the copy functions.
      But it may take some time.

      However if you want some temporary way, email me, so that I can you a special copy of the application.


  81. There are a couple of methods which can also be used in the meantime for running a batch script completely hidden to avoid the console window being displayed and stealing focus. One is to paste the following into a text file and save it as "Hidden.vbs" or something similar.

    CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run """" & WScript.Arguments(0) & """", 0, False

    You can then run this VBS script with a batch script as the parameter which will be run with the console window hidden.
    The other possibility is to use an application like Hidden Start
    (last freeware version) which will basically allow you to do the same thing, but with a bit more flexibility.

    1. @Carlos:

      you saved me a lot of sweat!!


  82. there are many buyable tools, but your tool is free and the best, thank you so much for the great work :)

  83. So Prankur,
    No rush, but any idea when they'll be a new release? At least possibly a maintenance release with some minor fixes like the subfolder monitoring bug.

  84. @Carlos:

    Yeah, there'll be a new release. My exams end in 10 days, then you can expect the release in 2 days.
    By the way, I was trying to work out a way to detect the file access, not just modification...
    What do you think?
    will that be worth?


    1. Prankur -
      First, many thanks for the time and effort you've put into building this fantastic program! I also appreciate that you respond to so many issues/requests/questions here from your users; this does not go unnoticed and, again, is very much appreciated.
      I'd like to add my support in adding this "file access" feature you're considering. This would be my primary use for such an application (streaming video server and I'd like to use TFS to monitor its usage). Hope you'll consider adding this feature soon.

  85. I'm sure it would be useful sometimes, but I have no idea how difficult it would be to implement. How about basing it on the file last accessed time property? Although I'm not sure how reliable that is. I'm also not sure what triggers an update of that property. Simply opening the file does not seem to be enough from what I can tell. Also, is it updated as soon as the file is accessed or after it has been closed and any handles have been released? I'm sure there must be a more reliable method using direct APIs and file handles, but that's a bit beyond me.

  86. @Carlos:

    I still need to do a thorough research for it, but it sure is difficult. There has to a reliable way of detecting that.To my knowledge only one tool from sysinternals does that. I guess I'll have to go deep in the MFT for that...

    but if I succeed, Welcome TheFolderSpy 3.0 !!

  87. Prankur,

    I really like this program ( It is almost exactly what I have been looking for. I have a couple of questions\requests that hopefully you or one of the other followers can answer for me.

    1. I set up email alerts for a test job to monitor an empty folder. Job settings are:
    Monitor sub-folders = no
    Type of Files = *.*
    Detection types
    - Created = Yes
    - Changed = Yes
    - Deleted = Yes
    - Renamed = No
    Send email if change detected = Yes
    Everything else is blank.

    I placed an empty text file in the folder and the program send me 2 emails, both the exact same. I opened the file and added one line of text, saved it and closed it, the program sent me 4 emails. Am I doing something wrong?

    2. In Email Setup. I notice that the program does not support capital letters or text formatting (Bold, Underline). Any chance you can build in support for that or Rich Text or HTML email?

    3. The reason that I downloaded your program is because I have an FTP program that runs several times a day to look for updates from my vendor’s site. It pulls the files down and places them in a distribution folder where an AD script pushed them out to users. I would very much like to use the emails from your program as a notification to them that updated files are available. To do that, ideally, I would love it if you could build in a few features (some are a repeat of the above). I know that many would be very hard to build in but all I can do is ask, right???

    1. Rich Text or HTML email to support Color, Formatting, and Images.
    2. Only send one email per change or even an option to send one email with all of the changes in it over a period of time.
    3. Sub-Folder bug fix. Currently, the monitor check sub-folder check box is ignored and the program will still monitor all of them. I know that you are aware of this one.
    4. Updated UI with the ability to cherry pick files to monitor or not monitor. Like a tree-view file list with check-boxes next to each file???

    That is all. I know it sounds like a lot and I LOVE THIS PROGRAM so please do not think that I am complaining in any way. To build program like this takes a Genius. To take that program and make it free to everyone... well, what can I say. You are amazing. Thank You! ~Ryan

  88. @Ryan

    I can't do much for those multiple detections. Thats how data is written to your HDD, ie, chunk by chunk. TFS catches every chunk. A time check is also present to prevent multiple detections but still some make their way!! I know its pretty irritating to get multiple mails for the same thing, but its not exactly in my hands. However, give me some time, I'll certainly look into it. I am shifting this bug to high priority list.

    As for the RichText or HTML support, I can do that, but may be it'll take a little time. Just tell what HTML tags you want.
    [ Actually, I had something like a nice editor in my mind, but I get a little less time these days...]

    The subfolder bug is already in the high priority list.

    Well yes. The UI is not very clear and lacks certain functionality. I accept this fact. I'll see what I can do.

    My exams end on 15th. Let me have a small break [ quite exhausted :) ], and then I will start with TFS.


  89. @all:

    version is released!!
    you can download from above or here.

    It fixes the subfolder bug and a network related issue.

  90. Thanks for the update.

  91. Very Nice software, also s remote very useful,thanks brother

  92. Hi!

    Thanks for a near perfect program!!

    There is only one thing I would like to suggest: the exclusion of certain file (types), e.g. semaphore files such as FreeFileSync "lock"-files creation and deletion or the handling of certain backup-files.

    Thank you for your efforts so far and keep it up!!

    Best regards,

  93. @all:

    I am excited to announce TheFolderSpy v3, which notifies you when a file is accessed.
    Its will be a very powerful software.

    If you have a feature in mind, and would like to see it in TFS v3, then please email me or post a comment here!

    you can expect a realese in a month!!


  94. Nice. Glad to hear you got that worked out.
    I personally only have one minor request and it's more of a cosmetic change than a feature. When the type of change has been relayed via the built-in variables to the command line or an Email (I.E. deleted, changed, created, and so on), I would prefer it if the string were returned completely in lower case. Right now the first letter is always capitalized and this is not quite as visually appealing for Emails and message dialogs. LOL I know it's minor, but just thought I'd mention it.
    Thanks again for all the great work. Looking forward to the new version.

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

  96. I would like to second the delay suggestion that Fastguy made. Changes to a lot of files all at once can have unfortunate effects.

  97. Great program.

    I wonder is it possibility to attach a file wen we send a email? If not that will be nice if such option could we find in this program.

    If you know how to do this please contact me:

    Best regards,

  98. A couple of feature suggestions that I would like to see:

    1. have the ability to send emails for different actions. E.g email for created, but not deleted or changed.
    2. a more permanent notification on the screen, like a pop-up - so you get a quick glance of what has happened when you come back to your computer after a while.
    3. have the little spy flash or do something when a change has occured until acknowledged (this would be an alternative to feature 2 - i would not mind BOTH - one more way to not forget to check....)
    4. (This may already be implemented - i have not tried it yet) the ability to check folders on an FTP server (i have a mapped folder, which is a bit of a work-around, but Windows has the nasty habit of not keeping that connection going all the time)

    Thanks and great program

    1. Hi
      apologies for the late reply!!

      ->the first one is already there.
      ->the main window shows all the notifications [although, I have plans to make them more readable and eye-friendly]
      ->a pop-up comes already, but dissolves after some time. will add an option.
      ->can't say anything about it, as I don't have an FTP server to check things out. But I think, if you can see that folder in your explorer, TFS will be able to catch it.


  99. Would it be possible to share the source code for this? Would like to log the changes into a SQL Server database for auditing. Or if you can recommend a way to do this with the tool as is that too would be great!

    Very clean and works as described. Thanks!

    1. Hi,

      I am afraid, I can't share the source code.
      Ahem, not for free. :)
      Just an info, but a recently a company paid me $25, just to tell them how I was able to multithread the detections in words. No codes. ;)

      you can, however, look into the logs created by TFS.
      the can be parsed, so you can do whatever you want.


  100. Hi!

    Just found your software and tried it.
    1. Is there some documentation? It is mention in the blog that you would be able to trigger on Folders. How to do that? *.* get folder AND file changes. I only want to know when folders are changed.
    2. I would like to exclude some changes for instance when creating a new folder Windows first creates "New Folder" that is what I get from FolderSpy. Then you give the folder a name in Windows and FolderSpy sends a Folder Change mail. In these cases I would like FolderSpy to disregard the Create "New Folder" event and only send the Name change event.

    Great work!

    1. Hello!

      The documentation (a pdf) is half finished, and not online yet.
      I am afraid, but I am not sure what do you mean by "folders are changed".
      I guess, folders change when at least one of files in that folder changes.
      Can you clear your meaning, please?

      I must say, your 2nd point is really nice!!
      Will surely implement it!


    2. Oki, will wait for the doc to come online then :-)

      To explain what I'm looking for. I'm not interested in changing files in this case. Only folders - Creation, Name changes and deletions. The files in the folders are not of interest at all. So I would like to be able to limit FolderSpy to only look at the folders and disregard any changes of files within the folders.


    3. Hi,

      got your point for changes in folders. Its possible and will be nice and useful feature!

      will tell you, when the doc is online!


  101. Hi Prankur, a kind reminder of my earlier feature request to make it the only useful folder watcher for unison :)

  102. and by the way, unison expects a -path" parameter that is a relative path. So for example, if the root directory being monitored by unison & thefolderspy is
    "c:\testdirectory" and if something changes in "c:\testdirectory\other_directory\more_directory", then thefolderspy will need to give a parameter which is "otherdirectory\more_directory". Giving a full path won't work.

  103. i miss, that when comes a email when a file was changed, that the email comes with the file, that i can read it in the email, when this is done then its the greatest software..:)

  104. i configured this to monitor a file on a unc path \\server\share\folder\file
    when an end user changed the file, it showedup as i was changing the file. am i doing something wrong? running version

  105. Just found your tool yesterday and am testing it.
    I also am trying to log unc path \\server\share\folder\
    From what I understand, it uses the logged in user where the software is run to populate the user field. Is it possible to populate that with the actual user who creates the file on the remote system? It may be pretty hard to implement, this is on an Active Directory system.

    Great work on the software! Keep it up.

  106. Great Tool. But I miss the feature to attach the new file of the watched folder to the send eMail. How can I do this? The name is known by *f

    Best regards

  107. It should be easy enough to send the file which has been modified as an attachment using a command line Email utility like Blat.

  108. I dont see the name of the user who is a member of the domain appearing in the logs when he/she make changes to the files. I want to know which user in the network domain altered the file on the network share.

  109. Hi there, can you run this as a schedule task running in the back ground?

  110. the read me file says the *f etc can be passed to command line for use as variables, but my batch file doersn't recognise them. * is not a normal paramater, so I have also tried % with F, Z etc and nothing?

    Am I missing something obvious?

  111. ignore my last post - I had not appreciated you have to include *f or *z in the command line parameter box, before using it as %1 or %2 etc

  112. Great software. I work a lot with Excel files. Excel creates temp files, which are renamed: *.tmp and ~*.xl*. An Exclude list could prevent TFS from capturing these redundant multiple events.

  113. Excel Save As, besides the temp files, creates duplicate entries.

    This can be avoided if an optional capture delay is specified e.g. 1 to a few seconds and duplicate entries created within this capture timeframe are removed.

    Duplicate entries cause problem with emails, batch file running etc as multiple events are fired

  114. I agree with Petros. I have noticed word and excel trigger multiple events and create short lived temp files. I have it calling a bat file and filter those events out in the batch file but an exclude list or delay would be great

  115. I suggest monitor the file when changing file extension too.
    For example, *.mp3 has been spied. But, rename a file from abc.mp3 to abc.txt then copy into the folder and rename it back to abc.mp3 can be skip TheFolderSpy.

  116. The tool is great, but I still could use a function.
    Collect Events and then send one message per day, with the content of the new files.
    This would be Great......or this is already possible?

  117. Nice!
    I was looking for an email notifyer for an incoming fax folder to send out notification when a new fax comes in. The MFP printer/fax machine can't do the notifications.
    This works great.

    Tip: Surrounded the *f perameter in the body of the email notification like so: "file://*f" to turn the file name into a clickable link to the new file. Be sure to include the quotes so any folder or file names with blank spaces in the name don't break the link.

  118. I have been looking for a program like this for a while, this is perfect and does exactly what I need it to do. Thank you!!!

  119. I like to thank you for this great program and wish you success.

  120. I am behind a proxy "win7 Enterprise"
    lotus notes is the primary e-mail client.
    I am able to use gmail, hotmail, ect. using I.E. and Chrome.
    I have Local admin rights to the workstation and limited admin rights to the domain.
    Folder Spy is able to detect any type of change to both local and network drives.
    Under the header "Executed file" it list File not found.
    Folder Spy logs the correct file and alteration type, however I noticed: The log file allways indicates my User id regardless of who alters the file.
    a) File Changed by user wxyz123, Folder Spy log file.
    T:\abc op - admin1\2013_Assignments\Thumbs.db||Changed||4/1/2013 10:55:41 AM||wxyz123

    b) File Changed by user abcd456 on different workstation, Folder Spy log file.
    T:\abc op - admin1\2013_Assignments\Thumbs.db||Changed||4/1/2013 11:09:58 AM||wxyz123


  121. I run it on WIN Server 2003. Great. But it show for all activity the User Administrator. Is there a option to show the user who make it?

    Many thanks from Germany


  122. I am planning to use this software in my server for notifying me when my client uploads file via ftp client, and the files are pretty big (single file more than 5GB), which takes time to copy. So, my question is does it notify you the moment the file is being uploaded/copied to the folder or after completion of its creation? I want to get notified once the file is completely uploaded.


  123. i am using this software but i am having a two problem:
    1- i want to get an email only when a file is created, the problem is that when a file is opened the software send me an email that the temp file is created. how can prevent this?
    2- i need to change the sender name to something different from TFS

    would really appreciate your help and than you for your work

  124. First of all, great product. However, I have three questions regarding file types, folders, and email settings:

    1. Can I monitor folders for change instead of individual files? For example - just send a notification if folder contents have been modified (files added, etc.)

    2. If I can't monitor folders for change, can I have multiple file types Spied? It only seems to work if I select one file type at a time, not multiple. For example, I want to do this - *.txt, *.csv, *.xls. If this is possible, and there is a separator, what is it (| , ;)?

    3. I have multiple folders that I'm Spying. I'd like to send emails to different users based on the folders Spied. It appears that email setup is global and not dependent on the file/folder details.

    Anyway, I'd like to reiterate. SUPER program, job well done.

  125. how can we set up a command line or any other way to attach the new file?

  126. I don't need to enter a password to send an email through my internal Exchange server - but the app appears to require one. How can I work around that?

  127. Hi, great program. I need to check for changes on a file server that is installed in a domain with its Active Directory. The program creates the log properly but does not specify the domain user who made ​​the change, it always appears Administrator as user. What can you tell me about it?

  128. Hi Prankur,

    First off, amazing application, this really helped me out with some automation I have setup at work. I cannot thank you enough!

    I do however have a small request or perhaps an issue, that I was wondering you (or anyone else on this thread) could help me out with. My situation is this, we have a workflow of IN and OUT network hot folders on our LAN that are watched by various applications to enhance files (mostly Jpegs, and PDFs). Is there a feature in this application to watch a folder for files that have been in a folder for over a certain period of time? (20mins) And then have this emailed out as a notification stating which files are stuck? For the most part the applications that grab these files from the IN and OUT hot folders do a pretty good job, there are those odd times, when for what ever reason the application refuses to grab the file and we have to do it manually, it would be nice to know when a file is stuck.

    I can get this feature, I will be more than happy and gladly paypal you an E-Beer lol!.

    once again, amazing application, keep developing!


  129. Hi, is there a way to attach the file to the email?

  130. Great program!

    But I have a small problem here.

    I have both Mac and windows computer. Im using win 7 to monitor the file and folder on Mac via network (Network mapping). When others Windows computer made any changes, I'm able to see from log file, however, whan Mac computer make any changes, I can't see any message. Any solution to solve this problem?

  131. Is there anyway to get the folder name (old name) instead of the new folder name when a folder is renamed?

  132. When I pause and resume the program I get following error message. "Unhandled exception occured in your application" What can be wrong?

  133. Hi,

    nice tool, but still with your 200ms on scanning changes, you fired the shell script several time. could you instead of waiting 200ms, just start a timer on the first WMI and collect all similar WMI within this time, and at the end of the Timer send just one notification for each file changed.
    This timer could be a paramter of the settings, so we could say in the detail window "detection type" Changed (collected within X Sec) .. where X could be a setup value !

  134. Hi Dom and all others who were experiencing duplicate detections,

    We have released a Beta version which has an improved algorithm for suppressing these duplicate detections.
    Please try them and reply here if they work for you.

    We apologize for the delay.


  135. Hi,

    is there a way to exclude files? I have a folder with xlsx files, when I open one of them, a temporary file ~$MyFilename.xlsx is created, changed an then deleted. I would like to filter These notifications.

    Best regards


    1. Sorry, as of now there's no way to exclude items.
      Several are requesting this, and I will try to roll a new update shortly.

  136. Hi,
    I have TFS working well on Windows 7, but when I use it on the production Windows Server 2008 box, I get an error stating TFS could not load file or assembly 'System Core, Version =, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.' Am guessing this is a .NET thing--can you tell me what my box is missing?

    Thanks for the great software!

    1. Hi,
      I think you need to install .net framework 3.5.
      Its free and can be downloaded from "".


  137. Hi,

    I just wanted to say great program. I do have a couple issues right now that I wanted to ask.

    I have also tried the beta and ran a few tests and I did not get the multiple emails when I created a file.

    1.) is there a way to monitor multiple file types in one check? ie: *.jpg and *.jpeg. I tried to separate the types by a comma but it does not work. Or do I have to have another check that monitors the extra file type?

    2.)In one of the posts farther up you mention that to pass the file name as an argument to a program that you would like to run you put double quotes around the *f. I have tried this with my arguments but it is not working but it also could be what I am trying to run. I am trying to run a powershell script so the executable file is powershell.exe and the argument for power shell is the path to my script with the *f as the argument for my script. So my argument looks like this "c:\scripts\myscript.ps1 -path *f". I have tried to put the quotes around the *f and the full argument for powershell but only part of the path is being passed.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you.


    1. Hi,

      c:\scripts\myscript.ps1 -path "*f"
      this seems to work.

      Can you try it and tell me if it works for you too?

    2. Hi,

      I have tried that but it is not working for me. The only thing my script does right now is print out the arguments that it receives. There are 3 words in the path and it will only print the first words for me.

      I am also testing it right now and the drive I am monitoring is a network drive. Would that make a difference?


    3. Being a network drive should not make any difference.
      Can you mail me the script?
      venussoftcorporation {at} gmail {dot} com
      I will be in a better position if I had the script.


    4. In TFS setts:

      exe file: C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe
      parameters: -command "& 'x:\Pictures From Sales\1.ps1' -path '*f'"

      you just enclose whatever you think can potentially have a space in single quotes, like I have done in the path to the script file and in the *f.
      the -command is the standard way of passing command line args to the powershell.

    5. Hi,

      I wanted to say that this solution works. It will now run my powershell script and pass the path as an argument.

      Thank you.


  138. Hello great product but it seems to send multiple emails when i place a file in the folder. Windows 2k8 server TIA

    1. Hi,
      Have you tried the new version?
      It has better duplicate suppression results.
      Download here!


    2. Thanks for the quick reply The link you provided, seems to be broken upon un raring it . Says there is nothing in the archive could you please re rar and send the link again Thanks allot

    3. Hi Donnie,
      The link seems to work from here and I downloaded and tested the files. Its working fine. Maybe you don't have .net framwork installed. Please go to "" and the site will tell you everything.

      Tell me if you problem is solved or not!


    4. is there any sort of error message when you try to run TFS?

    5. Thanks for the quick reply it actually will not extract on my end the previous version works perfectly. the download is only 75k. when i go to extract it it says unknown method and no files to extract. I can see the files in the archive but cannot access them. thanks again

    6. Hi,
      Seems there is either something wrong with the extraction software you are using or the download is breaking up on your side.
      Just mail your address here: venussoftcorporation {at} gmail {dot} com
      and I'll mail you a new zip file.


    7. I had the same issue when extracting the rar file when using the winrar software to extract. I tried another program called 7zip to extract and that seemed to work for me.

    8. Just sent u an email thanks again let me know when there is a final paid version and I will purchase

  139. Works like a charm support is great I use on a daily basis to track changes in a network folder for bids that are going out for jobs

  140. Just wanted to say thank you. I've been searching for days while trying a lot of different software and finally found one that works. Your app had all the features I needed, was easy to set up, and works perfectly.

  141. I like this tool very much, but:

    • I’m a bit frustrated with the screen where I enter the name and type of the files to be Spied. No matter what I place there, the saved settings have additional wildcards that I do not want, especially the leading ‘*’. How can I stop this from happening?

    • The Setup Email screen seems to force the ‘Subject’ and Message Body area to be lowercase. Why?

    • The Setup Email screen should include a ‘Test’ button that shows any errors encountered during the test.

    I’m Using Windows 7 Professional SP1

  142. Whenever user from active directory make changes to the shared folder, it print out Admin user account as the user that make the changes.

    Is there any solution such that it show the correct user that make the changes?

  143. Hi,

    Just wondering if there is a way for the software to monitor a folder and then only send an email the file count gets to xx number of files?

    I have a bit of software which generates a file in to a particular folder this then gets sent off to a ftp server. This happens as soon as the file comes in to the folder, I'd like the software to alert me if i get a build up of files (effectively letting me know there is an issue with the system.

    Is this something that is possible?



  144. Great software - appreciate you taking the time to put it out there for us!

    Wanted to let you know that I am using the version on Win7Pro SP1 (32-bit) and still have duplicate emails being sent. Also, piggy-backing on previous user comments: would like to see the name of the user that made the changes displayed with *u instead of the admin user account being displayed. Would also like to have one email sent with multiple reports, rather than one email per delta (which can really add up if there are a number of changes files added PLUS all the duplicate emails).

    Thanks in advance for all of your hard work!

  145. Like others, I searched for a simple piece of software to do exactly as yours does. Thanks for your efforts!

    One question, is it possible to change the name of the sender when emailing rather than the 'from name' being TFS?

  146. I have tried to enter multiple email addresses in the "to" field - but nothing gets sent. Is it possible to use multiple addresses to receive the alerts?

  147. Is there any way to change the from address for the emails? Also is it possible to keep the capitalization for the email subject as well. Other than that it works great.

  148. Great product and something I have been needing to pinpoint random changes that have been happening on our file servers.

    I was wanting to know if there is a work around for a file server on a domain. I would like to be able to pinpoint the domain account making the changes. Currently I only see the administrator account being listed for the all the changes.


  149. with v2.1.1.1
    as others above have asked.

    Any way to get it to detect who made the change to the file? right now it keeps telling me the administrator made the change. which is incorrect.

  150. Where can i get the latest version of The Folder Spy????????

  151. Every time i change something it logs it and trys to send an email but it just stays there trying to send it and nothing happens.
    i tried gmail and yahoo as an outgoing mail and nothing can someone help me???????????????

  152. I'm also using the version on Win7Pro SP1 32-bit and still have 3-4 duplicate emails being sent when a file changes once. It'd be great if there were a setting that maybe said send an email no more than X times per X time (minutes, seconds, hours) or something like that. Otherwise, a great program! Thank you

  153. there should be a password when pause, stop, remove selected, changing email is clicked. because this program wont called a spy anymore if anyone can change all these options. thank you

  154. Hello,

    we are now using Version on a SBS 2011 (Exchange2010). If TFS will send a Mail via Exchange, we got an error called: System.Net.Mail.SmtpFailedRecipientException: Mailbox unavailable, 5.7.1 Unable to realy. Sending via Admin-Account. In TFS under "Executed file" there is an Error called: File not found. But we don't Need the Exec. file. What is to do?

  155. Hi,

    this Software is exactly what I was looking for. What I need further is a Popup Window which says that there is a new File in the Hotfolder. But sending an e-mail will do it too.

    Sadly there is no documentation, so can someone tell me hot to steup the custom smtp server? Does it has to be a local smtp server or can I use the smtp server from our webspace? And if yes, we need to login with an account name different from our email address but there is no field for that, just the password field.

  156. Awesome work - Just what I was looking for :).

    It's free so zero complaints!

    Possible improvements:
    Capitilisation on emails subject + body. (Using Exchange 2010 - Might be a local issue?)
    Option to send different emails per rule.

    Kind Regards

  157. Hi!

    Is there a way to adjust monitoring sensitivity for sending emails ?
    If I Copy 10 files to the folder, i will receive 10 emails. I Would like to have those 10 file create - notices in one message.

    Thanks for the excelent product anyway.

  158. I'm just exploring the program and it looks promising but I have the following questions
    - Is it possible to provide multiple FileTypes in 1 Item (,-sep)
    - Is it possible to exclude some files? (regex?)
    example: I want all *.txt except all _.txt

  159. Also if I monitor a directory and on change i call a bat-file with the parameter "*f"
    And the only thing I do in the bat-file is echo %1 and pause then I get 2 times the name of the changed file?

  160. Is it possible to exclud filetypes? I want it to report all changes in a path, but not report anything on filetype .srt.
    Would it help to use ?.srt.

    Basically i want the opposite of *.srt

  161. thankyou my dear..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................