Thursday, August 13, 2009

About Us

Its often said that computers are here to make our life easy. 
We humbly say that we are here to make computers easy. 

Our focus is to develop quality applications that are targeted to make user’s life easier.
We try to make this happen by developing applications that

  • are automated (read, run-it-and-forget-it), 
  • are smart enough, 
  • are flexible enough to be integrated with other applications or the OS to extend the overall functionality & experience, 
  • are simple to use,
  • are portable
  • are tiny!

If you think any of our software may be of some use to you or your company, but only after some modifications, please contact us and we will tailor the software completely for your needs!

We also love feedback and suggestion for our apps by our dear users and try to apply those suggestions.
After all, we develop for you guys!

If you would like to donate, please consider donating a bread or some clothes to the persons who are really in need, and we'll be happy that you made someone happy. :)


Please help protect nature.
Don't waste water.
Don't waste electricity.
Please walk,skate,cycle to visit places nearby.
Use car pools or public transports to visit places far away.

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