Wednesday, May 2, 2012


What is CodeStory:

CodeStory is a new programming language, designed especially for kids of age 10-15 years. The IDE is designed in such a way that it helps the students to master the basic concepts of programming. Its different in many small and many big ways. Kids have fun working in CodeStory's colorful windows and animations. Features include:

Simple Syntax: We're not teaching a language, we're teaching the core programming, so syntax is extremely simple and English-like.
Multiple Coding Windows: That too with different splash of colors!
AutoCompletion: AutoCompletion in a colorful small window with instant search in the Help Window to show details (on how to use) the matching functions.
Error Detection: Detects compilation errors and displays with line numbers. Also displays a helping tip on how to remove the error!
Help Window: A searchable window, which displays the description and a simple example of all the functions.

Also features are two very lively animated tutorials. One introduces the IDE and instructs kids how to use it and the other is a very beautiful "Tutorial to basics of programming" presented in a very simple manner!
Includes lots of sample programs to get the kids started and give a lot of code to experiment with...