Monday, August 31, 2009


TheLetterEncrypter Realeased!

>Features Rijndael Encryption Algorithm which US Government has announced secure enough to be used for classified information!
>Simple to use ( just enter password and text and hit Encrypt. Yes. Its that simple)
>Small size (only 14 KB download)
>Portable (Carry it in your thumb drive)
>TheLetterEncrypter doesn't write any data to disks (Incognito)
>Free of Cost
>UNICODE supported [use your native language!]


Have you ever found youself wishing to send a SECRET MESSAGE to somebody?
But the problem is that the somebody has pals/folks at home/office/chat rooms
and it is not possible to send a SECRET MESSAGE without anyone having a peep at it?

Then TheLetterEncrypter comes to your rescue.

It features a terribly strong Encryption(=modifying a sentence so that it can be
read by only the ones who know how the sentence was modified).

But still its terribly simple to operate.

All you have to do is to enter the secret password and the message
and hit the "ENCRYPT" button. And PRESTO!
Your secret message looks like a jumbled text.

This JUMBLED TEXT is now you message which can only be unlocked by using
TheLetterEncrypter and the PASSWORD you used to lock it.

To send the message either copy the text and paste it to the mail or chat window
or you can export it to a text file by clicking "EXPORT TO TEXT FILE" button and
send the text file to the SOMEBODY.

Then that SOMEBODY has to fire up TheLetterEncrypter and enter the SAME password
and the jumbled text and hit the "DECRYPT" button to see your secret message.

This is a small application(ONLY 14 KB).No installation required.No dlls.

Its only humble want is .net Framework 3.5 (For XP only,will run on VISTA, 7 directly)
and your wish to act as your faithful messenger.


The Direct (one click) Download Link is:


See a 2 minute tutorial:

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  1. I liked this software!

    Encryption seems strong also.
    is that Blowfish algorithm?

    Marvelous man, Marvelous!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. unicode support?
    Many thanks

  3. Yes, TheLetterEncrypter supports Unicode.

    I would prefer (though not necessary) that you give your name, just that I know.


  4. hero log bahut sahi ja raahe ho...gaurav

  5. Hi Prankur / Naveen,
    Great application for such a small age.
    I just included this application on my blog here.

    Best of luck to both of you.

  6. I still can't understand which algorithm does it use.

  7. Me and Misses Jones, we are fond of it :)

  8. @Anonymous
    Good idea dude!!
    Good idea!!

  9. Neat idea. However, it seems to only be good for sending encrypted email to people you already know, since they have to know the password to your encrypted file. If you send the password unencrypted, you might as well not encrypt the message at all. PGP is more robust in that it lets you send messages to people without having to exchange the password.

    Also, as a tip, Rijndael has been adopted in the US as the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), whose name might be more familiar to Americans.

  10. @Anonymous:
    you seem to be correct, but once you know the password, the whole world is yours!

    and yes, AES = Rinjdael

  11. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this blog. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well.

  12. f you send the password unencrypted, you might as well not encrypt the message at all.

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  15. Blocklengh is 128 Bit and how long is the Keylengh?
    128, 192 or 256 Bit?

    Thank You, great Job!

  16. Download the latest version of the MotioninJoy and then set up the .exe file and the Run the application from the ZIP file.

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